Open-World Post Apocalyptic Point & Shoot Adventure Game set in Johazardousburg South Africa

About the game

A scientist wakes up to a reality they do not understand, a lone survivor in a world where nature has decimated humanity. You must escape, and venture into the heart of poor city planning and low budget nature reserves to discover the true meaning for all existance as we know it. And shooting many random objects along the way.

Organosphere features

  • Over 12 Weapons including Bass Cannons and FlameThrower Chainsaws
  • Fight against nature itself!
  • Looting and Inventory
  • Casual yet action packed exploration based gameplay with fun shooting mechanics
  • Massive deserted open world city to explore with additional locations such as outdoor nature reserves as well as indoor locations
  • Dynamic music system featuring some of S.A.'s top electronic producers
  • Character customization